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Brand Embodiment

Content is your brand.

Tell your audience who you are, what your mission statement is, and why you do what you do. DogEar Content will always stay true to your brand and help you define it for your audience.


Content is your story.

DogEar Content is the storyteller. We will work with you to embody the voice of your brand. Offering appealing content that audiences look forward to will foster consumer loyalty.

Site traffic

Content stands out.

Your website is the forefront of your business and you want people visiting it. DogEar Content's engaging copy will increase traffic to your site and boost your business.


Content connects us.

DogEar Content can help make your business more than just a business. We specialize in creating content your audience can relate to and connect with in a meaningful way. 


Who You'll Be Working With

Shannon Maguire

Shannon is the owner of DogEar Content and the voice behind The Doggo Dance. She is a writer and an animal lover. You can read Shannon's bio here.


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